|| interesting antagonistic marseille

this could also be leipzig.

Which city would you go to, if you’d like to spend a weekend at the seaside with one of your favourite human beings, love failed architectural visions, and French hip hop? Exactly. Marseille. Marseille means that behind every corner potentially waits a totally different world which you will enter unexpectedly. Tidy, silent residential areas, brandnew contemporary prestigious sites, plattenbau, decayed streets and houses, plattenbau (a lot!), ancient architecture, fenced off mansions in first class locations, street art, and newly constructed boring buildings – all this exists within walking distance. And the amazing Callanques just around the corner. This sounds like adventures and discoveries. Which is definitely true. But it is the other side of the coin that I haven’t experienced such a segregated city in a while. Which might also be due to the fact that it is more obvious because of the spatial density in Marseille. Or because I’m more used to it and more used to ignoring it in cities I’m more familiar with? Well, if you take a look at the huge plattenbau on the horizon, at the fringes of the city, that seem to yell at you “place of no return”, it is not hard to guess where Marseille’s rappers got their topics from.

By the way, one picture was not taken in Marseille but in another city. Who is able to identify it and at the basis of which hints?

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