|| mankind’s unanswered question – how to get up?

There are morning persons who wake up, are full of energy, and love life instantly. Hard to believe, but true. And there is the suffering rest of mankind who has to struggle every single morning. For them, getting up is a prolonged real-life nightmare. A lot of scientific research has been done on that so far. But one very basic question is still unanswered: How to get up in the morning in a good way?

No alarm clock screaming at you, but…

|| wake up lights


They smoothly increase the intensity of light and wake you up by stimulating your natural reactions to light.

|| sleep cycle alarm


This app collects data of your natural sleep cycle, analyses them and then wakes you up when you are in a light sleep phase.

|| sensorwake


This is supposed to wake you up with a pleasant smell that will make you so happy that you want to get up and enjoy life immediately.

|| fresh coffee


This alarm clock does not only wake you up, BUT also makes you a drink that you like. Sounds like your childhood, except for your parents being replaced by a machine and cocoa being replaced by coffee. Well… this has a dystopian touch. But don’t be afraid, it’s just adulthood.

All these alarm clocks have in common that they try to stimulate a sense that is not your aural sense. But let’s be honest. There is no good way. It sucks big times and you’ll never get used to it. Get used to that.

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