|| 100 days of sketching my phd

50 days of sketching

I’ve started a “100 days of…” project with visualizingurbanfutures and jjjweiss. Today is day #50. Half! I chose to sketch one aspect of my PhD every day. Why? Well.

Creativity is more than just a French kiss by a muse. It is hard work, routine, practice, and it is challenged – and becomes interesting – in the very moment of a lack of intuitive ideas. The concept is simple: Choose something you will repeat for 100 days and document it in whatever way seems to be appropriate. What appears to be easy at first turns out to be a true breaching experiment to your own mind. There will be a point when you will have carried out all obvious ideas and then comes the hard work of overcoming your own thought structure to create new perspectives on the very same thing.

I chose my topic because sociology in general and qualitative research in particular are pretty text-heavy and have a rough ride to visualise content. My sketching skills are limited and sometimes I struggle to transform my ideas into a picture. Sometimes I wonder if there are aspects that cannot be visualised, or if it is just my mind that is limited. The latter, I guess. I’m curious where the journey will take me during the second half. But let me introduce some sketches of the first 50 days to you till then.


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