|| cohabiter les nuits urbaines @paris – i’m game!

Just imagine there is a workshop called “Cohabiter les nuits urbaines” a.k.a. “Urban Night-life” – who do you think would be applying for it? Exactly. And the good news is: my proposal got accepted! You can find summaries of the presentations as well as the general programme here: http://guerinflo.wix.com/colloquenuits#!communications/c20uj

The workshop really sounds like my kind of thing – scientists, non-university experts, three different axes to discuss, pop-cultural and academic inputs, and participant observations (or observant participation?) in Parisian nightlife. Fittingly, my talk will be the last one before a mutual trip to the Parisian night and will be based on two questions: (1) how do bouncers shape nightlife and (2) how are legal regulations and actual practices negotiated on site? I’ve realised just recently that most talks (and probably many informal conversations) will be in French. Time to refresh my rusty French standard language and slang, otherwise I might be left to just smile and wave.

There is only one thing still cloudy to me: why does a workshop on nightlife start at 9 in the morning?!

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