|| getting drunk like a local

getting drunk like a local

It’s an average (weekend) night and you want to get drunk. I’m not talking about drinking a glass of this really expensive vintage in front of your open fire while listening to distinguished jazz music. Oh no. I’m talking about going out with your friends to pre-party, then party all night and then hangover the next day. Vodka, tequila and Jägermeister have become international classics and a weapon of choice for many. But this is drinking for nitwits. True connoisseurs stick to their local specialities, liquors that only exist in some places or regions. Whenever you will drink them somewhere else afterwards, you will know they originally belong somewhere else. Sweet, sweet memories will be coming up then. Curtain up for some treasures that will get you drunk like a local!


Pfeffi @Leipzig | Getting drunk on mouthwash? Hell yeah. Pfeffi is a mint-flavoured and mint green drink, promising long-lasting headache for little money. Even better, it is the only shot that will give you a fresh feeling in your gums if you should need to throw up.


Ginjinha @Lisbon | You are new to the city and ask your so far only friend, the bartender, which shot is typically served in Lisbon. Ginjinha. It is red, it is sticky, it tastes like sunny summertimes and the sour cherries it is made of. Later that night, you will have severe problems to climb the more than steep stairway to your appartment and you will blame the glasses of wine or beer for that. But let’s be honest to yourself: it was sweet charming Ginjinha that put you out of action and you didn’t even notice.


Medronho @Lisbon | The first rule of Medronho is: You do not talk about Medronho. The second rule of Medronho is: You. Do. Not. Talk about Medronho. Third rule of Medronho: Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the imbibing is over. Fourth rule: Only two persons to an imbibing. Fifth rule: One imbibing at a time, fellas. Sixth rule: No non-alcoholics, no shoes. Seventh rule: Imbibings will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule: If this is your first encounter with Medronho, you have to drink.


Joster @Freiburg | It is dark reddish, sticky and super popular among Freiburg’s students. It is based on a hybrid of gooseberry and blackcurrant, but even biologists don’t care while getting drunk on Joster. It is sweet, it is cheaper than classic shots but still contains vodka and will make you drunk faster than expected – everything, your parents have ever warned you about.


Blackthorn liqueur @Black Forest | Has this liqueur ever seen something like an official tag or is it  your Black Forest parents’ moonshine? I’m not sure but I think it is the latter. Blackthorn liqueur has a dark shadowy ruby colour and tastes like lying on the forest soil inhaling its versatile smells and listening to the concert of its sounds somewhere in the Black Forest on a sunny autumn Sunday afternoon. Getting drunk never felt so right.


Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster @Dunno | Drinking it is “like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped ’round a large gold brick”. What a precise and correct description. You can find a list of recipes for the cocktail here, but believe me, they’re just a tribute. Those who drank the original one wouldn’t have been able to recall anything of the past 42 hours.


Negroni @Milan | This one is not a shot, it is a true apéritif. But let me assure you that the decorative slice of orange will be the only non-alcoholic thing that you will find in there. A Negroni consists of one part gin, one part Campari and one part vermouth rosso – I was made for lovin’ you baby, you where made for lovin’ me. And I can’t get enough of you baby, can you get enough of me? Oh, and it’s called Negroni, not Negrino. Just in case.


Lakka @Helsinki | I’ve never seen a cloudberry in my life, but I sure got drunk on it. In fact, I wouldn’t even know of the existence of cloudberries without Lakka. Educative drinking. Lakka promises to be the golden glow in long dark nights. Daylight might leave you, but Lakka never will.


Mes @Eritrean restaurants | Mes is an Eritrean honey wine that is prepared for festivities such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, and funerals. It looks a little bit like Limoncello and tastes bitter-sweet. Due to Eritrea’s tragic humanitarian situation and its hermetic seclusion most people will never be able to enjoy Mes on site. But you might be lucky in your favourite Eritrean restaurant once in a while.


Rakija @Sarajevo | My Bosnian is less than sparse and mostly based on the words for different flavours of rakija, a popular brandy from the Balkans. Nar (pomegranata), dunje (quince), kajsije (apricot), med (honey), mirta (myrtle) – I would go more for the sweet ones when it comes to rakija, but there are lots of different tastes from classic herb to ultra cloying. Please keep in mind: (1) rakija is NOT raki, the Turkish anise-flavoured drink. (2) Your Bosnian muslim friends will drink rakija with you and explain that they are Bosnian muslims.


Smoking weed @Canada | Getting drunk is quite an effort in Canada and you need to be organised – but isn’t it in the nature of things to get de-organised? So, forget about liquor and just go get high.

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