|| exercises in eclecticism

manchester bridges the gap?

I had the opportunity to visit Liverpool and Manchester while I attended the Annual Conference of the BSC two weeks ago. It was love at first sight. Twice. Welcome to the jumble! The architectural eclecticism, not to say chaos, mesmerized me immedeately. Walking the cities meant diving into a bustle of brick townhouses, glassy surfaces, decaying old warehouses, concrete jungles, gentrified old factories, and numberless construction sites.


The vivid facades seemed to tell a second story, though. A story of not only architectural but also social contrasts, of poverty, prosperity, disintegration, and ambition. Marx and Engels started to work on the Communist Manifesto in Manchester and it seems like the city could still be an inspiration for it. But as a visitor I simply enjoyed the metropolitan charisma that arised from the clutter.

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