|| the british society of criminology conference 2014 – the aftermath

The British Society of Criminology Conference is over and the world has changed fundamentally. Germany won the world cup and I… am still an undiscovered genius.

Things I have learned: (1) It is impossible to find a bookshop and buy a map of Liverpool there, thanks to Amazon. (2) The conference was attended by researchers from basically everywhere in Great Britain and Australia, whereas continental Europe was almost not present, which surprised me a lot. Is British criminology so decoupled from continental European criminological research? Hard to imagine. Perhaps most continentals go to the ESC Annual Conference. (3) British criminology really seems to be into research on policing and prisons. (4) Don’t wear a suit when you conduct fieldwork in prison. (5) Strip searches were and still are used as a means of humiliation and enforcement of state power on prison inmates’ bodies. (6) Huge demonstrations in Hong Kong are pretty orderly whereas people elsewhere would go nuts. (7) The BSC actively encourages the participants to transgress educational boundaries. Chrisps are allowed to be eaten for lunch – finally!


The responses to my talk were very positive and I got some helpful information about the current situation in Britain. Furthermore, the other talk in the session was about pre-crime, which was not only interesting, but also inspiring. Can bouncers be seen as some kind of pre-crime squads? I will ask my data.


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