|| beat it, shakespeare!

You think Shakespeare is bad-ass and have been working on your battle rap skills with The Instant Shakespeare Insult Kit? Wrong choice! If Great Britain’s most renowned poet would take up the fight with famous Hip Hop artists – he wouldn’t even make it to the finals. Matt Daniels, a New York based coder and data scientist compared Shakespeare’s works with the lyrics of 85 famous English-speaking rappers. According to his findings, Shakespeare’s use of unique words is remarkable but stays way behind rappers such as Aesop Rock or members of the Wu-Tang Clan.


I listen to a lot of Hip Hop and I love Shakespeare. His plays are more than 400 years old and he still has his finger on the pulse of the time – Shakespeare 1 : 0 mankind. Some say, each of his plays is the intense portrayal of one or few crucial human states of mind. So let me show you some of these states of minds, the corresponding play and some matching Hip Hop tracks.


JEALOUSY | Shakespeare: Othello | Pharaoe Monch: Trilogy


TRUE LOVE | Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet | Mashonda feat. LL Cool J: Ghetto Love


DEPRESSION | Shakespeare: Hamlet | Schoolboy Q: Prescription/Oxymoron


MADNESS | Shakespeare: King Lear | Tyler the Creator: Yonkers


FREE WILL VS. FATE | Shakespeare: Richard III. | Eminem: Guilty Conscience


AMBITION | Shakespeare: Macbeth | Westside Connection: Gangstas Make the World Go Round


Are you sure you can distinguish between Shakespeare and Hip Hop artists? Find out!

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